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This is a complete rework of keym adding no new features but providing - from my point of view - a better user experience. Its customization will be familiar to users of suckless-dwm. Inspiration was taken from there. See for a great tiling window manager.


A Makefile is provided and should be modified depending on X11-library locations. Its default is FreeBSD and there is a hint for compiling under OpenBSD. Other platforms are on their own. A quick search will turn up the correct folder.


Execute the resulting binary (a mapping e.g. to MODKEY + m is very useful). It should spin up immeadiately and provides somewhat vim-esque keybindings. These can be changed in config.h to suit your needs. Here are the defaults: The mouse is moved by pressing h (left) j (down) k (up) l (right). The mouse buttons are f (left) g (right) d (middle). Scrolling is achieved with m (down) i (up). There are also two speed-modifiers: holding down s makes the cursor move quicker, a slows it down. The application may be quit with q. While using the mouse you can use any keys not mapped by keympp. If you require any of the ones used in parallel with keympp, remapping them is the solution.